Online Resources to Learn More about Exhibits at Penn Museum!

Online Resources to Learn More about Exhibits at Penn Museum!

Hello everyone! In my first blog I talked about the special exhibition Black Bodies in Propaganda at the Penn Museum (still open through March 2nd, 2014). I was really disappointed at the time that an exhibition catalogue was not available. It would have been so helpful in my African American History Class. Now I’ve been saved by the Friday Arts Feature program of WHYY, which has a video up with the curator talking about the exhibit! Anyone can view this link and see the next best thing to an exhibition catalogue!  This link also features a video about the Tuskegee Airmen, an often-untold important group that contributed to American History:

And right now I would like to link you to the Penn Museum website section about tattooing, body piercing, and body painting. This summer I had henna put on my hands when I went to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware.  I learned more about the history of henna using this link and the next time I go to the museum, I am going to find the hand stamps used on the faces of women as temporary tattoos. If you are into learning more about PERMANENT body changes like piercing, tattooing, and scarification, check out this link!

Also, I would like to direct you to the Penn Museum’s YouTube channel, which has lots of cool videos and lectures! See ya next time, and I hope you have a happy holidays!


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This post was written by Danielle Romano, a STAMP Teen Council member. Danielle attends Girard Academic Music Program.