Oliver’s STAMP Story

I signed up for STAMP because I like free stuff, simply enough. Don’t we all? I started using it a lot this year, when I had a job downtown that made me kind of bored. During my lunch break I would take a short walk to the National Constitution Center, where I would use my STAMP pass to see the Freedom Rising show. Something about it made me feel better again–you should definitely see it, it runs every half hour and it’s hella patriotic. Every time I visited I would find a different part of the museum to explore. Through the NCC I kind of found a passion for museums. Next I visited the African American Museum in Philadelphia, and then the National Jewish Museum of American Jewish History (they’re all within a block of each other). It’s a good thing I got in for free because I would’ve spent a ton of money this year without my STAMP pass.

So now I’m on the Teen Council and having a blast. I hope that other people find the same joy that I now have. I still have yet to check out the Franklin Institute and the other new museums, maybe I’ll get there sometime in the spring!