New ‘Ruffneck Constructivists’ Exhibit at ICA

Hey guys! I hope everyone’s doing good and enjoying themselves! I hope all of you have really been trying to engage yourselves within more arts and culture related activities, events, and more! A really good one to visit is the Ruffneck Constructivists exhibit in the Institute of Contemporary Art! It opened on the same night as the ICA@50 exhibition. The night of the opening was just a fantastic experience with the abundance of people connecting in conversation, how engaged people became with the artwork, and the strong connection you could sense between the artists and their work.

It was amazing to hear Kara Walker (the curator of the Ruffneck Constructivists exhibition) speak on what the pieces meant to her. Her artwork really inspired me and also influenced my own work, so to actually have the chance to meet her and hear her explain her ideas on curating that exhibit was pretty interesting and inspiring. The way she selected the pieces that would help convey the idea she wanted to go for was quite interesting and helped give an insight on what was going through the artists’ minds as they created the work.

The Ruffneck Constructivists exhibit really sparked some interesting thoughts and ideas in my head and really got me thinking about the struggles that many people have to go through when growing up or living in rough neighborhoods. It hinted at gang violence, harsh living conditions, territorial characteristics that take place, and so much more. As I walked around the space moving from piece to piece, I felt feelings of curiosity, sympathy, and excitement. What I love about this exhibition is that each piece tells its own individual story, and I was able to relate my own life experiences and moments with what I perceived from them. It’s kind of a weird and moving moment when you’re facing a piece of work that is done by a completely different person, however you kind of see a reflection of your own stories and challenges that you’ve faced and encountered. The artists conveyed their ideas in so many ways like through video, through live performance, through music, through images and objects, all still having some type of connection with each other. It was all very impressive.

I encourage everyone to visit the Ruffneck Constructivists exhibit held in the Institute of Contemporary Art soon! It will really evoke many different feelings that will be unique for each individual! Hopefully many of you had the chance to come to the opening. If you didn’t, then I hope you guys will still have a wonderful experience of your own! See ya!

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This post was written by Jordan Deal, a STAMP Teen Council member. Jordan attends the Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts.