'Native American Voices' at Penn Museum

‘Native American Voices’ at Penn Museum

Hello everyone! This week I went to the Penn Museum to check out their special exhibition Native American Voices. When you walk into this exhibit you see several visual, interactive displays that are categorized by the following sections: Contributing Celebrations, Local Nations, New Initiatives, and Sacred Places.

The reality of United States history records that Indigenous tribes lost access to their homelands and are always struggling to regain their sacred places. These lands are extremely important for ceremonial and religious purposes. Losing land rights is devastating. Native Americans struggle with poverty and this leads to severe health issues and inaccessibility to healthy food sources. Fortunately, many tribes are making efforts to improve  by eating traditional diets and by doing medical research! Native Americans are very spiritual and something cool I learned is that tribal shields have a language of their own. The painted designs display a visual language  inspired by spiritual visions where strength comes from the power brought on by supernatural beings. Make sure you take a trip to the Penn Museum to check this exhibition out! The beautiful clothing displays are not to be missed!

Make sure you stop by the Penn Museum on April 25th for the Teen Toga Party and STAMP day! Dress up in your favorite toga and you could win a prize! There will also be Mediterranean snacks and a chance to write your name written in Ancient Greek! Hope to see you all there!

READY TO VISIT the Penn Museum? Check out the Penn Museum profile page for the hours you can use your STAMP pass!

This post was written by Danielle Romano, a STAMP Teen Council member. Danielle attends Girard Academic Music Program.