Myrna's trip to the Mütter Museum

Myrna’s trip to the Mütter Museum

My first visit to the Mütter Museum was very fascinating. I was able to explore the Broken Bodies and Suffering Spirits exhibit. This exhibit consists of limbs, bones, medical tools that are from the Civil War. When exploring the exhibit you learn about the beginning of medicine and its progression throughout history. You will learn about how injuries and death were dealt with before modern medicine came to exist. There is also an interactive portion of the exhibit where you can see how an amputation would be done on you and what it would look like. Further into the exhibit, you will see the permanent exhibitions. The Hyrtl Skull collection is a wall full of skulls each with a name and description of the death of the person. There is also the Soap Lady which is the preserved body of a female which has been kept in good condition by using certain mixtures of soap, wax, and fatty substances. As you walk around you’ll see abnormal figures and cool skeletons each with its own description. To see them for yourself use your STAMP pass on Mondays only to visit the Mütter Museum.

E.d. Note: On Friday, June 27 the Mütter Museum will be open to all STAMP Pass holders from 10am-5pm for their National HIV Testing Day, which will feature music, dancing, art installation and treats! To find out more and to RSVP click here.