Mo'Na's Memories

Mo’Na’s Memories

Thursday, August 13, 2015

I cannot believe 6-weeks went by this fast! I have made so many friends that will last a life-time and am walking away with great lessons that I learned from the Academy of Natural Sciences. I really enjoyed working with Ms. Christine, she was so nice to me and really patient, which was helpful when trying to learn about the organization. During my time at the Academy of Natural Science I worked in the youth camp supervising kids and helping them throughout the day.  It was interesting because a few of the kids had learning disabilities, learning how to work with them and practice patience was such a great learning experience. I was so nervous in the beginning, I didn’t want to offend anyone I immediately knew that I would have to treat them  like any other camper and not make it uncomfortable for them. They became my favorite campers! I would love to come back next summer and be a counselor.

-Mo’Na Davis