Meet Your Mentors!

Meet Your Mentors!

Your Bloomberg College Mentors are here to help you transition into college life. 

Meet Your Mentors: Julia


Hi, my name is Julia Bryck and I am one of the college mentors for the Bloomberg Arts Internship this summer! I went to Radnor High School in the suburbs of Philadelphia and currently attend Bard College in the Hudson Valley of New York. Initially, I intended to study Political Science because of my positive experience on my high school’s Model United Nations team, but I have officially declared myself as a dance major. I have been dancing since I was seven years old and it has been my constant passion ever since. This past fall I made the decision to take a year off from college, and have been working in the arts and culture sector of Philadelphia! I did an internship at Koresh Dance Company, joined a female-centric artist group called Femme Collective and I am currently choreographing a piece for a show in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival this September! I also began working at the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance as their Community Engagement Intern.  I plan to pursue a career in the arts after I graduate college.  I was fortunate enough to be immersed in the arts at a young age, and I hope to share my love for Philadelphia arts and culture with this year’s Bloomberg interns.  


Meet Your Mentors: Becca


Hiiiiiii! My name is Becca Khalil and I am one of your college mentors for the Bloomberg Arts and Culture Internship this summer! I am a Philly Native and a first generation American. Both of my parents are Coptic immigrants from Egypt and this has greatly impacted my artistic mission. I am a proud graduate of the Creative and Performing Arts High School of Philadelphia and Yale School of Drama’s Summer Intensive. I have performed, taught, or interned for many organizations and theatre companies in the city including Philadelphia Youth Poetry Movement, Philadelphia Young Playwrights (where I once played a Turkey ^^^), The Philadelphia Theatre Company, InterAct Theatre Company, Applied Mechanics, and more. I am a Senior Acting Major at the University of the Arts, but this upcoming semester I will be studying at Headlong Performance Institute right here in Philly! I will be focusing on blending my love of poetry and my love of theatre into interdisciplinary works that act as a mirror to our socio-political climate. My mission is to expand our communities collective compassion in order to create a real change. I was featured on a Documentary on CNN called Who is Black In America? With Soledad O’Brien in 2011 and much of my work continues to be fueled by this experience. I am most inspired by the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the philosophies of Intersectional Feminism. My ideal day in the city would include a visit to the Philadelphia Art Museum and a picnic in Rittenhouse Square. I am so excited for the rest of our Summer together! There is so much in store for us to experience and I love getting to know each and every one of you. Let’s get this party started! (See below for a sample of my work!)

                                                 Crime, Uncommitted.
While the cops searched our house

for a crime


Momma fumed furnace

I ask

No answer

But I warrant answers

And the cops warrant answers

But still no crime

Still no found

But skin found

But accent found                                                                                                   Immigrant lost

We came here to find but                                                                                                     lost

Came here to live but                                                                                                                   lost

But lost

But lost

When no one wants you

But The Terminal

Is dramedy  of unidentifiable Eastern

But Trayvon

But Fruitvale

But kicked off flight for


But classmate asked me yesterday

To edit their script for PC

And I’m aggressive these days

Because I don’t want to anymore

Because we’re all the same

As they search

Our house

For the crime

of is.