Jewish American’s: A Nation’s Influence.

Sniff Sniff, do you smell that? That’s the smell of history, and the National Museum of American a Jewish History has a whole lot of it.

Ahh, how I savor the excitement of learning something new; this week when I visited the Museum of American Jewish History. I learned so much about Jewish American Culture. When people think about Jewish American’s they don’t necessarily realize the hard work they put into settling in America. In fact, some people don’t even realize that Jewish Americans played a rather big part in the colonization and end of discrimination in America.

There’s so much exciting information to learn at the museum that I could spend hours just going over the basics, but instead of listening to me ramble (I do that a lot), you can go check it out yourself.

Right now the museum is featuring their exhibit “Chasing Dreams: Baseball And Becoming American”, this exhibit is about the influence of the sport of baseball, on the acceptance of Jews in America. There are some spiffy videos on Baseball in America here ,  if you need a bit of info on the subject. I really enjoyed touring the exhibit, you can learn more about it at:

You can learn more about the America Jewish Museum ot  their website:, and through this video with comedian Jerry Seinfeld

*If your thinking of bringing an adult with you to the museum check out pay what you wish Wednesday’s through Labor Day 5-8pm, it’s a more economical price for first timers at the museum.*

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