How Zoo Animals Deal with the Cold + Info on Wild At Heart on Valentine's Weekend

How Zoo Animals Deal with the Cold + Info on Wild At Heart on Valentine’s Weekend

What were you doing Tuesday January 7, 2014, the coldest day in America in twenty years? I was at home staying warm. My parents were afraid that the buses and Regional Rail trains would be affected by the cold and I would wind up waiting outside for a long time and get frostbite.  I didn’t believe them, until I went outside in my sweater. I was immediately bombarded by the -20 degree wind chills. I stopped complaining about not being able to go to school.

When my cats ran outside and came right back in it made me  wonder how the animals at the Philadelphia Zoo were braving the cold. I decided to ask someone who would know. Ms. Houston, the Director of The  Education Department at the Philadelphia Zoo, gave me some great information. She said:

“The animals fared just fine. We have many temperature related protocols in place for both heat and cold. Most have indoor spaces that they can be either housed in or given access to. Several of our exhibits have heat options built into the design. For example the lions have a heated termite mound, the jaguars have a heated shelf and the birds of prey have heated perches. In  case of severe weather they do have the option of moving the few animals who do not have indoor access into the  animal hospital”

I was relieved to learn that the Philadelphia Zoo took such great care of their animals. Sure it’s cold outside, but winter is a wonderful time to visit the Philadelphia Zoo. This is a fantabulous chance for teens to expand their horizons, and make new friends.

For the weekend of February 15-16,Valentine’s Day weekend,  the Philadelphia  Zoo will be hosting its annual event  “Wild at Heart” ; a love themed happening, with a variety of activities such as the Love Tour where you can see the keepers feeding the animal couples their favorite treats!  Click here for more info.

The adults have to pay but you don’t! Take your STAMP Pass and enjoy the Wild At Heart events free of charge. Come with a group or come alone you will definitely meet lots of animal lovers.


READY TO VISIT the Philadelphia Zoo? Check out the Zoo profile page for the hours you can use your STAMP pass!

This post was written by DuBois Stewart, a STAMP Teen Council member. DuBois attends Chestnut Hill Academy.