Holiday Break Guide!

Holiday Break Guide!

Hey guys! I hope all in school and life is well!  As we near winter break, we’ll  have more free time to relax, spend time with family and friends………. and visit museums.

Your STAMP pass is the perfect defense against winter boredom.  A block away from the Race-Vine subway stop is PAFA, and there are some cool things going on inside.

Last month I blogged about Peter Blume’s Nature in Metamorphosis exhibit. It’s great! I keep visiting to see it. If you haven’t seen this exhibit, I strongly suggest swinging by one day after school or during break.

The exhibit is housed in the Hamilton Building (the modern one), and before you reach it, there’s a wall of photographs.  The photographs belong to an installation by the artist Eiko Otake called A Body in Fukushima. It captures a journey taken by the artist in abandoned areas of Japan.  In 2011, an earthquake and tsunami caused an accident in a nuclear power plant, causing people to flee their homes, in fear of radiation.

Arranged from ceiling to floor, these striking images made me feel like I could step into them.  They told a story. The uninhabited town, full of color and life, thriving and  almost allowing nature to reclaim the area, is so striking.  Eiko positions herself in the middle of it all. Some of the photos look as if she’s dancing, others as if she’s crying or sleeping.

It was amazing to see how time goes on; How buildings stand without people to hold them up, and how flowers bloom without being planted. Friends of mine that have gone with me to see the work have called it “Tastefully raw” and “Full of life, but not overbearingly so”.

If you want to take a trip to Japan without leaving downtown, you should check out A Body in Fukushima! Take a friend!