FREE Teen Mural Painting Workshop at AAMP coming up!

FREE Teen Mural Painting Workshop at AAMP coming up!

Update: the Teen Mural Painting Workshop has been moved to Saturday, March 29, 2014 from 1-4pm. Click here and scroll down for more details & info on how to RSVP!

Hey guys, make sure you stop by the African-American museum for the Teen Mural Painting Workshop!  It’s free with general museum admission, so use your STAMP Passes, and if you don’t have one then sign up for one here.

The workshop will be hosted/taught by muralists Joseph Tiberino and Gabriele Tiberino (Joe and Gabe for short), two of the artists in the current exhibit at AAMP. Joseph is the father of Gabriele. He is also a muralist, easel painter, printmaker, filmmaker and an icon in Philadelphia. He graduated from The University of the Arts, and his artwork has been shown all over the country at many different exhibits.  His son Gabe was exposed to a variety of different art forms at a very young age, leaving it almost inevitable for him to follow in his father’s footsteps as an artist. Furthermore, he graduated from CAPA high school, and then attended Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts for college. In essence, he has been a part of the Mural Arts Program, and a support to many other groups around the city. They want anyone who is interested to learn from them and to be a part of this mural painting workshop. If you’re wondering what a mural is, it’s simply any piece of artwork implemented forthrightly on a wall or ceiling.

I undoubtedly love painting and drawing, and I think it would be really cool to be surrounded by and helping out people who share the same love for art as I do. As well as being around such legendary artists, such as Joe and Gabe Tiberino. For me making art is very relaxing and stress-relieving. After a long day if I’m given a chance to paint a picture, it can really be helpful. I love how my lines come alive, forming mysterious shapes and figures, captivating the eyes, and fulfilling the heart. With that being said, I must also add that when I was a child I used to draw on my mother’s walls (which she hated) so now being able to contribute to a huge painting on the wall or the ceiling, sounds absolutely amazing! If you love viewing or making art like me, than I know that you’ll enjoy this experience too. I urge all teens to come and be a part of this wonderful experience, even if you aren’t someone who is usually interested in art, it wouldn’t hurt to come by and give it a shot… You never know what you could learn and gain from this event, and you might even discover a hidden passion.


READY TO VISIT the African American Museum in Philadelphia? Check out the AAMP profile page for the hours you can use your STAMP pass!

This post was written by Ophelia Murray, a STAMP Teen Council member. Ophelia attends Imhotep Charter High School.