FREE summer fun at museums

Written by Amelia Dogan

An image of The Institute of Contemporary Art at night with people outside.
The Institute of Contemporary Art

Maybe you’re one of the only of your friends left in Philly over the summer. Maybe you didn’t want to go to the beach and deal with all the sand. Maybe you have a free day and are bored. Maybe you want to hang out somewhere with your friends that is air conditioned. Whatever the reason, look no further than to museums for your FREE summer fun.

Art can be confusing. It’s not easy to look at a painting or installation and immediately understand all of it. Sometimes artists have a specific vision, technique, or history they are referencing. All of these different methods of looking at art can cause a lot of people to just give up with contemporary art when in reality there is someone there to help you. This is where the ICA’s Extra Credit series comes in. On most Sunday afternoons in the summer starting at noon, the ICA has artists, experts, and professors coming in to teach about different aspects of art. Maybe you’re interested in propaganda, public art, or writing about art. Find out more topics here!

Summer can also be confusing. Everyone is in their feelings (RIP Summer of Drake 2018); the weather is hot, people are out here being messy. Sometimes, all I want is to step back and take a breather. Remind myself that none of this is permanent. Before starting hectic filled weekends, a meditation can be useful. Don’t let the word meditation freak you out; you’re not signing up to be Buddhist monk for the rest of your life. It’s beginner friendly. Often the instructors will talk to you throughout the meditation. The ICA offers on Fridays at noon a one hour meditation session called Mindfulness at the Museum.

Don’t forget to check out the other ICA’s events including film screenings, music, and exhibition tours.

Another thing to look forward to is Bloomsday, a day dedicated to the book Ulysses by James Joyce. This year it is onJune 16 which is also Father’s Day. The book Ulysses is set in Dublin and considered one of the great literary classics. The Rosenbach in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood offers a read-along and musical performances throughout the day (11AM – 8PM). The Rosenbach museum will also be free all day and there will be food trucks. The even is open to everyone from James Joyce fans to people who have never heard of Ulysses. For more information check here!

Enjoy your summer!