Fighting The Cold!

This time of the month it’s getting pretty cold outside. If visiting museums seems like a dreary idea because of the cold weather, think of it this way….

The Phlash bus will take you to all of the museums comfortably and all in the safe warmth of the clean bus.

You don’t have to worry about getting to the next museum once your downtown because the Phlash will pick you up and drop you at any museum in the area for FREE!

Lastly, all of the museums are warm and comfortable and you’ll actually enjoy yourself rather than staying holed up inside.

If you’re still wondering why you should go outside into the bad weather when you could stay home, just think of these great opportunities at each museum:

Well to begin with The Academy of Natural Sciences has an entire exhibit on Chocolate! I’m being completely serious. Unless you’re an alien who hates earth you definitely will enjoy that exhibit.

Although the Barnes doesn’t have a specific exhibit at all times, one of my favorite things about it are the various types of artwork that can be found inside. I also enjoy looking at the water outside.

Eastern state is having a toy drive and although this sounds like it couldn’t affect teens very much, it can be an incentive to go out and try to collect toys for those who aren’t fortunate enough to get them.

The Franklin Institute has an exhibit on animal’s Inside Out, if you’re like me that sounds SO exciting. I for one am very fascinated with what goes on beneath our skin.
There are so many more awesome things to see at each one of the museums STAMP has to offer; it would be silly to miss such great opportunities. The weather might be bad, but you won’t remember it when you think of the fun you had at the museum.