Q: Who is eligible for a STAMP pass?

A: Applicants must be Philadelphia residents, ages 14-19.

Q: Where can I get my STAMP Pass? 

A: The STAMP Digital Pass is now an app! Search for “STAMP by Milkcrate” in the app store or find more information about the new digital pass at  http://phillystamppass/sign-up/.

Don’t have a smartphone? Apply for a PDF pass at http://phillystamppass.org/pdf.

Q: When will I receive my pass?

A: The app is your STAMP pass! If you need a pass mailed to you, be sure to email stamp@philaculture.org. STAMP passes are no longer being sent in the mail.

Q: I need a new pass, how can I get a new one? 

A: If you have a smartphone, download the new STAMP digital pass. Don’t have one? Just re-apply for a PDF pass at http://phillystamppass.org/pdf.

Q: When can I use my STAMP pass?

A: It varies depending on the museum. Make sure you check our Participating Museum page before you head to the museum!

Q: Does my STAMP pass expire?

A: The STAMP cards, PDF passes, and app are all currently accepted at the museums.

Q: I’m a teacher! How can I make use of the STAMP pass?

A: The STAMP pass is great for assigning extra credit or homework assignments at museums. However, The STAMP Pass is for out of school time only. If you are a teacher or mentor and you are interested in scheduling a group tour for your students please contact the museum directly.  

Question not answered? Send us an email at stamp@philaculture.org!