DuBois’ First Visit to the Zoo

The zoo is a vast, beautiful, and bright expanse of area that holds many different types of animals. There are tortoises, hippos, lions, snakes, and many more. I met the Director of Conservation Engagement, Laura Houston. She told me that the zoo was trying to show the future generation how important it was to save energy, and how it affected the animals.

There is now a whole center, called the KidZooU, dedicated to children to show them what happens when they do simple things like turn off the water when they’re not using it. The goal behind it is to empower kids to know their everyday choices have an impact on animals. The KidZooU is in the same area as the pachyderm (elephants) house; the pachyderm exhibit is near the main entrance, and was renovated to make room for it. After we went through the KidZooU area, we went to visit the goats, where they had added an area where you can interact with them. Ms. Houston allowed me to go in and interact with the goats. After we went through the goat petting zoo, we went to the PECO Primate Reserve where the primates were. We saw singing monkeys, monkeys that stayed in groups, and even nocturnal monkeys.Afterwards, we went to the big cat area. All of the enclosures were large and colorful. We then went to the  reptile center to look at the different snakes, turtles, lizards, and amphibians. After the reptile center, Laura let me look around on my own.

READY TO VISIT the Philadelphia Zoo? Check out the Zoo profile page for the hours you can use your STAMP pass!

This post was written by DuBois Stewart, a STAMP Teen Council member. DuBois attends Chestnut Hill Academy.