Declan: Field Trips

Declan: Field Trips

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On the Love Letters tour, I saw the story of Stephen Powers as he tried to salvage a relationship with a girl. He clearly was very determined to get her attention, because he made fifty murals around West Philadelphia. I found his murals very impressive. Many had messages phrased in witty puns or with interesting art. I photographed the one with magnet letters because I liked how the childish letters spelled out an important message. I also photographed his mural of a train because it was big and grabbed my attention.

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At the Academy of Fine Arts, I saw a lot of interesting art in their gallery. The photos that I took were from the part about America. There were giant statues of people like Benjamin Franklin that I thought were very strange. Although the exhibit honored people like him and George Washington, there were also pieces of art like the other one I photographed, which was called “Land of the Stupid” and focused on the shortcomings of our country. I thought it was interesting that it viewed the country two ways. IMG_3247