Bloomberg Art Interns: The Art & Science of Asking Questions

Bloomberg Art Interns: The Art & Science of Asking Questions

On the 28th of June 2017, we visited the Mutter Museum of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia.  The museum displays preserved collections of anatomical specimens, models, and medical instruments and helps the public understand the mysteries and beauty of the human body and to appreciate the history of diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Our visit provoked a lot of questions and realizations. We had a lot of questions about the exhibits, and their connection to the arts. Questions like “Why was this made a museum?” “Why do people donate parts of their bodies or organs to science?” “Why is it so important to know about these exhibits?”

One of the inscriptions on the walls was, ” …Why not acknowledge that our bodies are works of art”; We believe that most of the people who have donated their bodies to this museum feel that their bodies, though they have been told they are infected by some form of disease they have chosen to believe that their bodies are works of Art.”

The connection between art and science in this museum is evident.  We chose something that we related to in the museum to sketch and write about.  Here are some of our sketches and reflections:

boggsmutterIntact. Repels Bugs. Preserved.

The women who turned to soap.


roshandamutter #1

Alligata II

This is an art piece created using cotton, string and glue.

I chose to sketch it because from afar,

it looks just like any specimen that was on display at the museum.

It isn’t until you get closer that you realize that someone made it by hand.

The amount of detail used and skill needed gives me insight into how inspired the artist was.



trinitymutterblogMysteries of Unclean Feet  

Female 23 and OCD is killing me

Every night I shave my feet after my shower is complete

I shave my feet in hope to feel complete

But I don’t. So I do it every night to end this endless fright.



Inside The Mutter Beaded Lungslewis mutter #1


I picked this artwork because it’s different. I thought using different mediums was a cool representation of the lungs and parts of them.


A Walk in Human Art 


shobarnamutter #1This piece makes me feel as though there is a lot of love and connection between two skeletons;

It represents the never ending connection that is represented through the string that ties them together.

The color white for the string can represent a ”pure love”. 💘



mutter aneesah #1


“In my bid to  accept truth…

It is obvious –

Obvious, that I am someone everyone isn’t.

Complexity is my truth ! ” – Daniella



Our Organs Are Works of Art 

mutter jamie #1


This is an ovarian cyst with: eyes, hair, and teeth.

It gave me a different perspective on science and showed  me that it can be cool and a form of art. 🎨


Piercing & Tattoos 


mutter joelle #1


I like the pictures drawn of the girl with the snake tattoo.

I didn’t know people got those back then.

It’s like art you can take everywhere you go.



mutter sana #1

 Hump back !

Always thought that they could straighten out.

Guess not.



 Conjoined Twins

briggsmutter #1


“All this fighting and need to be away from each other.

All this hatred for one another.

All these lies.

What if we were all Conjoined ?

Made to share one body.

Would we run away from our families?

 I don’t think so, we won’t be able to.” – Daniella