Behind-the-Scenes Preview for the STAMP Teen Dance Party @ PMA next Friday!

Behind-the-Scenes Preview for the STAMP Teen Dance Party @ PMA next Friday!

Almost a year ago, the STAMP teen council was just beginning to start. Thinking back to that, it feels crazy. I never thought that I’d be doing so much for so long! Sure, we’ve been in business for almost a year, (or a year in October, once the pass officially started,) and look how far we’ve gotten!

Enough with the sentimental stories! This is a good thing! And, what better way to celebrate the awesomeness that is STAMP with a few of your closest friends, and making new ones at possibly one of the biggest STAMP supportive museums? That’s right. I’ve got a little behind the scenes of the upcoming event hosted by PMA. (Finally, they get to be in the spotlight!)

If you keep up with STAMP on Twitter, or even the blog, you’ve probably already heard the basics. Here’s a little back story as to how the actual event got started. A few months ago, let’s consider it February, the creative geniuses over at PMA, Damon Reaves and Izzie Fuqua, started a Teen Council of their own. After a few rounds of discussion, they had an idea in place. We passed around our ideas, and then, the party idea was born!

True to both of their natures, Damon and Izzie are some of the most energetic and fun loving people I know, so it only makes sense that they want to go all out for this, right? Here’s a bit of the rundown of the event. Like any STAMP event, there’s going to be the usual, music, food, and of course, tons of things to do. However, it doesn’t stop right there. From what I’ve heard, there’s going to be a huge dance floor set up in the main hall, (plenty of space for fun!) live performances from break-dancers, and even a photo-booth. This is going to be a night to remember, so, from all of us here on the STAMP Teen Council, you should go! Bring friends, or make new ones! Either way, it’s turning out to be one amazing night!

Moving on from that, I just want to acknowledge again, that STAMP has literally almost been in place for a year! This is really exciting! We’ve gone from trying to figure out what to name the actual program, to accepting applicants for our second year! This is amazing, and I’m really, really excited!! There are big things coming for STAMP, so stay tuned, and keep following! Until then, see you guys soon!

Want to come to the STAMP Teen Dance Party at the Philadelphia Museum of Art? Click here for more details and to RSVP!

This post was written by Heaven Mendez, a STAMP Teen Council member. Heaven attends Science Leadership Academy.