Bastille Day!

Bastille Day!

How is everyone’s summer? Mine is pretty boring so far! If you’re like me and have nothing to do, I suggest visiting  Eastern Penitentiary. If you missed it, Bastille Day was Saturday, July 12th. The Bearded Ladies acted out the whole French Revolution in just an hour! It was spectacular! My mom and I were very impressed! They even reenacted the execution of Marie Antoinette. Instead of saying “let them eat cake!”, Terry McNally said “let them eat Tastykake!” And you guys guessed it! Tastykakes were flung from the towers and into the crowd. I managed to catch one myself!

There was a lot of music and dancing. I felt like I was taken back in time! The French themed entertainment made the atmosphere very lively. The penitentiary also opened for very, very rare late night tours. Usually, people have to pay for the tour. But since we all have a STAMP pass, we could go in for free! My mom wished she had the STAMP pass that day.

Also, people dressed up for this event. Either they dressed up as a peasant or as an aristocrat. When I tell you Eastern State went all out for today, they really did! Many people showed up and naturally, everyone had a ton of fun. I know I did! Though I didn’t stay for the whole event, the hour I spent there was amazing.


SOME MORE EVENTS COMING UP (mark your calendars):

  •  Tinsel Art Showing – July 19th
  • Moth Collecting – July 19th
  • Pets in Prison – August 9th

Those are just some things that will be happening in the summer. I will be sure to keep everyone updated with everything that is happening at Eastern State. Have a wonderful summer and I’ll talk to you guys next month!