STAMP Story - Jordan

STAMP Story – Jordan

Ever since I was in the fourth grade when I learned that art was actually a “thing”, I just wanted more and more of it….

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Hey peoples! I hope life is treating ya good out there, especially with this wonderful and sometimes misguiding, strange, and crazy weather! It’s the end…

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Don't Forget About Philly's Festivals And ICA!

Don’t Forget About Philly’s Festivals And ICA!

Hey guys, gals, dudes and dudettes! I must say that this weather has just been AWESOME lately! Even though it’s jumping all over the place,…

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Jordan's Visit to 'Magic Ladders' at The Barnes

Jordan’s Visit to ‘Magic Ladders’ at The Barnes

Hey guys! I hope everyone been enjoying our sneak peek at some extremely nice weather lately! It is definitely a great opportunity for you and…

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