Event Alert: Azaio at String Theory High School

    Do you like Opera? Well if you do, come on down to String Theory located on 16th and Vine to see the American Premiere of the magical children’s opera Azaio! There will be two performances, October 24th at 7pm and October 25th at 3pm. You won’t want to miss it!

I actually had the amazing opportunity to travel to Italy to perform in this Opera last summer and I am so thrilled to be apart of it again right here in Philadelphia! The rehearsals were intense and challenged me to expand my musical and social knowledge. There was no conductor, so each cast member had to memorize their own cues along with everyone else’s. The whole experience allowed me to learn new aspects of music that I never thought I’d need to know and helped me discover who I was as a musician. I also had to learn how to keep equal professional relationships with my cast mates since the ages ranged from 8-60 years old. Overall it was a challenging experience, but I loved it and had  tons of fun. It was on this trip that I realized I wanted to pursue music for sure!

I am portraying the character of Atropo, who is one of the three fates from Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”. Azaio combines Coleridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” with the portrayal of twelve children from Shakespeare’s works. Azaio is a one hour opera that the whole family can enjoy! Azaio is the first Italian children’s opera created by International Opera Theater, who just recently performed their 12th world premiere opera “Errori” in Citta della Pieve Italy.

Tickets to this wonderful opera are available at


Hurry up! They’re going fast!

Photo Credit: Aza’io The Opera in Citta’ della Pieve! at String Theory High School

Danielle’s Road Trip Adventure!

Danielle 1


I had an amazing start to summer! For 19 days I went on a road trip across the county with my family! I traveled through 15 states and stayed overnight in 11 of them. We spent a lot of hours in the car but the outcome was definitely worth it!

One of my favorite places had to be Chicago. It’s a city like Philadelphia so I felt right at home! I had the incredible opportunity of taking a sunset cruise on Lake Michigan! The views were breath taking and the city skyline was gorgeous!

One state that surprised me was Utah. The land formations in Utah are indescribable and left my family and me speechless. It felt like I was on another planet! I stayed in Utah for two days and it was a blast! One of the days I went to Zion National Park! If you are into nature and hiking I would definitely recommend spending a few days in Zion! There are so many cool trails and tours that give you opportunities to go through the canyon!

Another one of my favorite places was San Francisco! The atmosphere was so welcoming and I felt like I could stay there forever! On top of that, the weather was AMAZING! I walked along the bay trails and got to see the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz! To end the adventure we took a trolley up the steep streets of the city!

Taking this road trip helped me open my eyes to the world and I would definitely do it again! It’s full of adventures and I recommend everyone should take one!

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Check Out Penn Museum

Hey everyone! I hope you are all having a great November! I visited the Penn Museum and man do they have a bunch of upcoming events! There will be on Wednesday, December 3rd, where you can learn about the Monumental Geoglyphs of Amazonia. The next event will be the 19th annual Peace Around the World holiday. Participants will receive their very own “passport for peace” and take a tour through the museum and explore all of its culture! This world culture event will also include family crafts and will take place on Saturday December 6th, from 11:00am-4:00pm!

Make sure you’re free on Friday December 12th, from 5:30pm-Saturday at 9:00am to enjoy 40 Winks with the Sphinx. Young explorers ages 6-12 and their families will get to sleepover right next to the sphinx! This adventurous night will include games, crafts, scavenger hunts, and a flashlight expedition! Also make sure to check out the family workshop on December 14th, from 1:00pm-4:00pm. Families will get to create their very own Kente Cloth weave, and learn about the Akan culture. So if you’re free and interested, check out these fun events the Penn Museum is hosting!

Danielle explores Africa at the Penn Museum

Today I took another successful visit to the Penn Museum. This time I explored Africa! I entered the second floor and found different cases labeled Musical Instruments, Status, Household, Subsistence, Influence and Tradition. Each case held many amazing artifacts like a nail figure called the Nkisi N’kondi. I found out that this and many other nail figures were used to by the people of the Kongo. They used the nail figures to help them solve their problems. All of the nails represent an agreement or promise the people made while seeking help from the figure. Another artifact I stumbled upon was the Hemba Mask. In the Suku tribe they send their boys off to a camp for a period of seclusion between the ages of ten and fifteen to learn life skills. At the end of the camp the Hemba Mask is worn to show important images of the deceased. Unfortunately the masks can show harm but also bring successful hunting. On the musical end they had quite a few drums. The Mbejn footed drum is a cone-shaped drum played along side with another drum called the ngkul, which is a slit drum. The Mbejn contains a few Fang drawings and accompanies the Fang dancers. The last artifact I checked out was the Babber Riga which is a robe. The robe was a robe typically worn by the ruling class and wealthy merchants of the Hausa. It is made of cotton which was dyed an indigo color and silk embroidery. The more decorations and the more cloth showed your status.