Asia’s First Visit to The Barnes

This past month I visited the Barnes Foundation for the first time and was glad to find that I was pleasantly surprised and the trip was very memorable. The entire building was like a piece of art, on the inside and outside, with walls made of glass and beautiful wooden floors.

Although the building isn’t very big, it does have quite a few different areas. When you go downstairs, you’ll see the gift shop, a cafe (which is much more reasonably priced than in other museums I might add), a lounging area, a beautiful indoor garden, and the ArtSee Activities (when they are scheduled). Basically ArtSee is a year round monthly activity workshop where visitors of any age can come and do various art activities. During my visit I saw seniors, adults, and children participating. The room was comfortable and people were very friendly. It was all quite a relaxing experience and I even got to finish this watercolor painting.

And now lets talk about the art gallery, the real highlight of the Barnes museum. Tickets for the art gallery are purchased at the desk, but as a STAMP user, you will have free access to it. Once inside the art gallery you are free to explore as you please, and there is also a free iPod tour available. For this you type in the number of a painting and it explains the meaning and history. And I actually found this to be incredibly helpful and entertaining. One of the unique things about this art museum is that each wall is filled with multiple paintings and embellishments. All of the artwork is from Dr. Albert C. Barnes Original collection, and he believed the way that art is arranged in a setting mattered just as much as the art itself. Each wall arrangement is called an ensemble. He also believe that connections could be made from all types of art, no matter the year of culture, and that the four things all art has in common is Line, Shape, Space, and Color. Most the galleries are arranged very symmetrically and I just found it so relaxing and pleasing to the eye.

I believe the Barnes museum is a great place to draw inspiration. The atmosphere is very calming and nearly everything is artistically arranged (yes, even the bathrooms are beautiful). The Barnes museum is a place that everyone should take the time to visit at least once in their life.


READY TO VISIT The Barnes Foundation? Check out the Barnes profile page for the hours you can use your STAMP pass!

This post was written by Asia Kaiser, a STAMP Teen Council member. Asia attends J.R. Masterman School.