Amani's Visit to 'Ruffneck Constructivists' at ICA

Amani’s Visit to ‘Ruffneck Constructivists’ at ICA

Image: Szymon Tomsia, “Peregrination” (series), 2012, digital c-print, 39 x 27.5 inches. Courtesy of the artist via ICA.

This month, I decided to cover another museum’s exhibit. My fellow Teen Council member, Jordan recommended I visit the Ruffneck Constructivists exhibit, so I moseyed  on down to ICA (the Institute of Contemporary Art).

Ruffneck Constructivists is…rough. About every piece is made with mixed media, with things that could easily be found in any neighborhood. In a way, these are iconic items of an urban neighborhood. Contemporary art housed in PAFA is completely different than what I saw at ICA. I think one of the  joys of contemporary art—or art as a whole—is that even in a particular genre, the possibilities are endless. Within this exhibit, each artist’s voice and vision is clearly displayed in their work.

The variety of the works is another plus. There are photographic series, sculptures, as well as video and film. My favorite section in the exhibit is a little corner featuring two short films. They do not have much dialogue, but the cinematography and editing led to two very powerful pieces with clear messages.

A couple of months ago I happened across a quote: “Modern art = I could do that,  Yeah, but you didn’t.” As artists, whether we use brushstrokes or words, we make every unit of expression deliberate. When you approach the Ruffneck Constructivists exhibit with an open mind, you can see the undertones of struggle, violence, and poverty in the exhibit. There is almost a post-apocalyptic feel to certain areas of display. It raises questions about  artistic intent as well as environmental influences.

So hop on the trolley to 36th street and visit ICA soon!

READY TO VISIT the Institute of Contemporary Art? Check out the ICA profile page for the hours you can use your STAMP pass!

This post was written by Amani Bey, a STAMP Teen Council member. Amani attends Science Leadership Academy.